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​​Tax Amnesty or ​​Voluntary Disclosure Program in Toronto, ON, Canada

Tax AmnestyTax Amnesty and Voluntary Disclosure Program in Toronto Ontario Canada

Tax amnesty is granted to a specified group of taxpayers to settle their tax liabilities, including interest and penalties, within only a certain period of time and without fear of criminal prosecution.


After the amnesty period, an investigation of tax evasion will typically begin, and in some legal circumstances, a stiffer punishment is meted out to those who did not avail of the amnesty even though they were eligible to do so.




Voluntary Disclosure” or “Tax Amnesty” is a way for taxpayers to come forward and declare unfiled tax returns or unreported income.


This includes:


  1. 1.) Income taxes on undeclared income including income from criminal activities
  2. 2.) GST/HST on undeclared income or that was collected but not remitted
  3. 3.) Unremitted payroll deductions
  4. 4.) Unpaid excise taxes
  5. 5.) Unreported offshore income
  6. 6.) Unreported online income (including unreported ebay income)